Message From Neeta Singhal

What are you searching for?

  • All of us are always searching for something ‘more’ than what we have or what we are. Isn’t it?
  • Some are lost in self-created problems, life challenges and trying to search a way out
  • Some are searching for a path or a solution to well-rounded success in material & spiritual life
  • Some are simply seekers by nature

This search ends the moment you discover, understand, realize and settle in your ‘true nature’.

What is your ‘true nature’?

  • Your ‘true nature’ is what you truly are – your unique identity; to put it more simply – your highest strengths and talents that makes you feel your best version and motivated all-the-time is your ‘true nature – your unique identity’.

Once you discover your ‘true nature – your unique identity, understanding and implementing how to align to it requires to attune to the laws of life and direct the mind and senses to become one with your ‘true nature’. This is also called Yog (Union). True Knowledge of Yog leads you to clear off misguided thoughts, wrong behavioural tendencies and actions that is actually not you at all but these are your karmic challenges and circumstances. You heal all of this and cross everything (emotional conflicts & traumas, grave physical diseases, failed relationships, financial problems) that has been pulling you back and blocking your growth all this while. All type of blockages that you have been going through just goes away permanently. But, your commitment to change yourself in thought, behaviour and actions needs to be one hundred percent. When you have this level of commitment you clear off all the blockages and resolve karmic challenges and circumstances. Your Mind, Body and Soul heals completely.

Move forward and begin to align to your ‘true nature’. Just sitting on the fence overanalysing or judging without complete understanding has not helped anyone and never will.

To begin connecting to your ‘true nature’ requires you to first understand that there is a Higher-Self residing inside of you that needs to be activated and channelled in the right direction. Aligning to your Higher-Self is essentially aligning yourself to the fundamental laws of existing in this life – these fundamental laws are your 7 Chakras that hold varied truths, lessons and powers. Essentially, the 7 Chakras located in your subtle body is a science of human creation, and, also the KEY to achieving highest material and spiritual goals.

Every Chakra governs an aspect of your life like your existence or purpose, identity, power, feelings, expression, intuition and knowingness. To be precise, each Chakra governs different aspects of your life – different needs and wants, your expressions, your feelings, your senses and in fact the sixth sense too. Every individual has faced tough challenges in their life, each one has fears, negativities and bitter experiences; whatever each of you have gone through has unknowingly blocked your chakras causing either emotional disorders or failures or physical diseases or financial loses and so on.

Chakra Yog with its Release Meditations and Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy is a holistic healing path of course corrections to help you succeed in every endeavour that you have for your life. Through the ‘Light of True Knowledge’ you will learn how practically you can use these truths and lessons to help you connect the dots and accelerate your path through the ‘motivational push’ of Release Meditations & RRST’ that will help you become ‘more and bring ‘more’ in your life – in any aspect of your life that you wish!

The moment you tread this path, you will immediately feel the change in your energy, in your vibrations and ‘more’… That’s my promise!!!

All my work – my Life Path is to heal, help you realize your ‘true nature’, align and expand your life
to infinite possibilities through an ‘eternal truth’ that I quote:

Nothing should limit YOU,

Nothing should shackle YOU,

Nothing is an obstacle in your path,

Nothing is negative or adverse,

because, YOU ARE MORE…

-Neeta Singhal

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